Name for the Test Planning Cheat Sheet

Thanks for being patient with us – it’s been a long delay, we know since we asked for the communities’ input. Life got in the way and we had so many good choices and we didn’t completely agree on any one, but we finally made a decision and combined ideas from three different suggestions.

… drum roll…  the winning name is:

Feature Chat Sheet: Conversation Starters

Thanks to Karen Greaves for the first part of the name and Simon Tomes for the second half.

We had about 50 suggestions (hopefully we caught them all) through Twitter and comments on our original post. Some of the suggestions were very creative so we thought we’d include a few here.

Assumption flushers, Insight Catchers, Convo Catchers, Uncertainty Reducers, Fine doubting, Need to know, and Elaboration Jenga. There were some very inventive acronym ideas as well, one being CHEAT – conversations to help everyone analyze testing, or WTF – why the feature.

Also, a very special thanks to all the other folks who contributed their ideas.

Ron Werner, Albert Gareev, Mike Talks, Austin Fagan, James Thomas, Ady Stokes, Dawn Code, Fahed Sider (and I’m sure we missed a couple in this list).

One comment on “Name for the Test Planning Cheat Sheet

  1. Hi ,

    This question might be irrelevant or useful to others.
    My question is to understand testing in scrum framework.
    1) As a tester when there is a need for manual testing API ( Request & Response) , can we involve with developer from the start of the module he is working ON?( middle layer / logic layer)
    2) If yes, what activities will be performed as a tester, specifically when there is API testing.
    3) If no activities are involved as a tester, must i wait up until i receive the end points URL to begin with testing.
    Please clarify.

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