More About the Book

In the book, we answer questions such as:

  • As a tester, what is my role on an agile team?
  • How do I transition from a traditional phased/gated development cycle to agile?
  • How do we get testers engaged with the rest of the agile development team?
  • What tools do I need?
  • Who does what testing on an agile team?
  • How can testing “keep up” with short iterations?
  • How do we know if we’re doing a good job of testing? How can we improve?
  • What do testers do the first few days of an iteration, before any stories are done?
  • None of our testing is automated. Where do we start, and how do we find time to do automation?

This book teaches by example. It presents many testing challenges faced by real agile teams, including the authors’, and explains how those teams solved their problems. You’ll learn how apply different types of agile testing to your unique situation in order to guide development, learn about the product and apply that learning to the development and testing process.

Agile Testing Training Course – based on the book

We’ve developed a course based on the book and on our extensive experiences working on and helping agile teams. Our three-day Agile Testing course explains how testers can become valued agile team members, how they contribute to frequent delivery of business value, and how they can overcome common obstacles in transitioning to agile development. Students will learn techniques such as acceptance test-driven-development (ATDD) and the Whole Team approach that enable testing to “keep up” with coding in agile iterations. We’ve taught this course all around the globe. Attend a public course, or have us do a private on-site one customized to your needs. Please visit Janet Gregory’s training page for more information on the course and to register.

Thanks to Our Contributors

Thanks to everyone who contributed their experiences to the book, and everyone who reviewed draft chapters and made so many excellent suggestions.

Thanks to you, we think this book will help lots of agile newbies and teams struggling with testing.
Happy Testing!