Test Automation Pyramid

Janet wanted a link for her new book “Facilitating a quality assessment” (exact title yet to come) on the test automation pyramid. To our horror, we realized that we have never blogged about it – at least not specifically. It’s in all our books, but not where people who haven’t read our books could read […]

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Reading while walking

Agile Testing Condensed Now Available in Paperback (On Amazon)!

Whether you have years of experience helping your team build quality into your software product, or you’re just starting out in an agile or DevOps team and wondering how to fit in all the testing activities, there is a lot to learn. Where to start? We’ve distilled the basics of testing and building a quality […]

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What’s In Our Books – And What’s Not

We’re often asked whether our books are suitable for people who don’t yet know anything about testing. Another question we sometimes get is along the lines of “Why don’t your books contain in-depth explanations of systems thinking, coverage, oracles, model-based testing, performance testing, <fill in your favorite testing technique here>?” Agile Testing and More Agile […]

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Test Planning Cheat Sheet

A successful whole-team approach to agile testing means lots of conversations about potential upcoming features. These might begin with a project inception, a design critique, a pre-iteration or iteration planning meeting. We need to learn so much about each feature if we’re going to successfully deliver what the business, customer and users want and need. […]

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