Our New Book – Agile Testing Condensed: A Brief Introduction

Agile-Testing-Condensed Bookby Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin

We (Lisa and Janet) realized some time ago that our first two books Agile Testing and More Agile Testing were intimidating to many readers (although the people who did get through them, found them useful). Some of the comments were: “They are just too big – I can’t get my manager to read it”, or “I’ve started it and I like what I’ve read but I can’t get through the whole thing”.

That’s when we decided we needed to simplify and to create an overview for those who don’t have time to read 500 pages. We concentrated on what we think is important to build quality into your product, including testing early and testing in production (monitoring). We hope that this book provides some context for organizations to think about their product’s quality and how to include certain practices when developing – the entire product lifecycle.

Section 2 of the book is about different testing approaches used in agile such as guiding development with examples and enabling collaboration, exploratory testing and how to test for your product’s quality attributes, as well as testing in a DevOps model.

We didn’t include much about automation since there is a plethora of automation books out there already. We did include tips for visualizing your automation strategy and getting the whole team involved. That’s key to building automated regression tests that give your team confidence for continuous delivery.

In the last section, we talk about testing today – what it means to testers, to development teams. As in our other books, we decided to share other’s perspectives so we have six people from all around the world who have shared their experiences in how the roles of testers are changing. Of course, we shared ours as well.

If you do purchase the book from LeanPub, and read it, we’d love if you would leave comments on this blog post.



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  1. How nice that you also have a book! I work with Agile architecture myself and I would really like to read it! Can I also find this book in some bookstores?


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