Agile Testing Condensed Now Available in Paperback (On Amazon)!

Whether you have years of experience helping your team build quality into your software product, or you’re just starting out in an agile or DevOps team and wondering how to fit in all the testing activities, there is a lot to learn. Where to start?

We’ve distilled the basics of testing and building a quality culture in an agile context into our new book, Agile Testing Condensed: A Brief Introduction. The book includes many references to lots more learning if you want to dive into a particular topic more deeply. This is an agile testing book for everyone involved in building, delivering and caring for software applications.

Agile Testing Condensed is small enough to read anywhere, as Kristine Corbus demonstrates! It’s available in paperback and all ebook formats.

Stephan Kämper has published a review. We’d love to see more reviews, so please ping us if you write one!

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